Prepare for Test

As you prepare for one of our specialized IFPS Certification tests, consider these tools, which are designed to help you achieve success:

  • Certification Placement Indicator will help you decide which certification level to take.

  • Certification Review Session - Review Training offered through third-party accredited instructors vary in hours.

  • Core Competency - For IFPS Certification Retesting: If you are unsuccessful at your first attempt for becoming certified, don’t give up. Our Core Competency Reports are designed to help you pinpoint your weak spots. The report gives a breakdown of an individual's test results, including both the raw score and the percentage of questions right within each subtest and is accompanied with information indicating which questions correspond to each subtest.

  • Customized Training - An IFPS Accredited Instructor will engage groups of ten or more individuals interested in training and testing at a “your-choice” location. Additional fees apply if less than 10 individuals are interested. Please contact the IFPS Certification Coordinator for more information. Customized Training can range in length from two days to several weeks. It is fully customized to your machinery and personnel. Fundamental hydraulic and pneumatic training programs are typically one week in duration; however, they also can range from three days to two weeks.

  • Online Job Performance Review - CFC-Solar, Inc. offers online JP Reviews which includes stations 1-6 of the IFPS mechanic and technician job performance tests. Members may e-mail for a 5% coupon code off the list price; test not included.

  • Pre-test Questions - Each of our certifications tests has a corresponding on-line pretest.

  • Review Training - Review Sessions encompass training in a small class-size setting with an IFPS Accredited Instructor; a written certification test is generally included in this review session.

  • Study groups are highly recommended. Create your own “in-house” study group, meet during lunch breaks, gather after work, etc. This is an excellent way to share strengths and knowledge with one another as all of you will be working together to achieve the same goal.

  • Study Manual - Each of our certification tests has a corresponding IFPS Study Manual. These manuals are continuously reviewed and updated by our Certification Committee and contain 25+ sample questions.

  • Task and Outcome Web seminars - bimonthly web presentations on tasks and outcomes for many of our certification tests.

  • Suggested References 
    Lightning Reference Book
    Fluid Power Math for Certification

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