2024 Spring Meeting Recap!

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Membership Committee: Ms. Pollander provided the committee with the membership statistical reports, noting that membership was flat in 2023. The Membership Committee discussed and brainstormed ideas on how to enhance the appeal of membership for companies. The Discussion Forum was also discussed, and several suggestions were made to make it more user-friendly.


Education Committee: The Education Committee has been busy creating new training materials to support certification preparation. During the meeting, Ms. Pollander provided updates on various initiatives, including new safety posters, monthly live webinars, YouTube videos, and additional educational videos for members. Recorded webinars are archived for members, and plans for more educational content are underway. Ms. Pollander reported strong enrollment numbers for the In-person/Online Instructor-Led Review Training, with 17 courses sold and over 150 students enrolled. Additionally, the fourth Fluid Power Fundamentals Course, held in conjunction with WCTC, has sold out and is currently underway. IFPS has also developed a customizable fundamentals course that can be delivered online or in person. The Interactive Training Modules, covering various certifications, are popular among those without access to in-person classes, with modules for ECS and Support Associate certifications currently in development. Ms. Pollander also reported on the development of a series of website "Tour" videos. Three videos have been completed, with more in progress. Links to these videos can be found on the FAQ section of the IFPS homepage.


The Certification Committee: During the Certification Committee meeting, Ms. Pollander provided the committee with certification statistical information, noting an increase in the number of tests taken in 2023 compared to 2022 despite not meeting the goal of 1,850 tests. Ms. Pollander also highlighted a 10% increase in the pass rate for the MHM written test in 2023, attributed to collaborative efforts in reviewing test questions. Tom Blansett reported on the development of a quarterly newsletter designed to support IFPS' Accredited Instructors & JP Proctors, aiming to facilitate smooth preparation and test events. The positive feedback received for the first newsletter, sent in February, was noted. BJ Wagner provided an update on the Hydraulic Technician certification development, seeking clarification on content repetition from the Mechanic Certification. The group discussed prerequisites and decided to inform potential Technician candidates that while there would be no prerequisites, familiarity with the content of the MHM and IHM certifications would be necessary for success. Mr. Wagner also announced the completion of the upgraded ECS study manual, which is pending final proofreading after committee review. Additionally, the subcommittee named the newest certification the “Certified Fluid Power Support Associate (CFPSA)”. The study manual was released in February, garnering highly positive feedback. The committee has established the weighting of job responsibilities and set the test parameters to include 75 questions within a 3-hour time limit. Test questions are currently under review, with the test expected to be available in June. Additionally, Mr. Wagner reported that work will commence on upgrading the Pneumatic Mechanic and Technician certifications once the Hydraulic Technician certification nears completion.


Marketing Committee: During the marketing meeting, Victoria Piro announced the completion of the website upgrade and the refreshing of most graphics during the Headquarters report. She shared IFPS website statistics, noting increased engagement from both members and non-members compared to the previous year. A significant rise in social media followers across all platforms, including TikTok, was highlighted. Ms. Baughman provided updates on the 2024 Marketing segment, discussing IFPS's utilization of social media platforms for organizational promotion. She highlighted various platforms and suggested collaborating with social media influencers to expand the organization's reach. Additionally, she introduced social media terminology and requested committee chairs to contribute content for marketing purposes.





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