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Are you teaching fluid power in a Technical School, College, or University? This page is designed to help you navigate the resources IFPS offers to aid you in teaching!

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 Fluid Power Reference Handbook     Symbology Guide     Fluid Power Math Book      
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This is designed for individuals studying fluid power and motion control technology who are enrolled in a school or college
or engaged in an approved cooperative or apprentice training program. Individuals must be enrolled in twelve (12) credit hours
per semester and submit an unofficial transcript or class schedule.

Certifications Offered   Student Membership   Membership Benefits     FAQ

Student Test Fees

Specialist (Hydraulic, Pneumatic or Electronic Controls)
•    Student Member: $165.00

Mechanic or Technician (two-part test: Written and Job Performance)
Written Test (Industrial Hydraulic, Mobile Hydraulic, Pneumatic or Connector & Conductor)
•    Student Member: $140.00
Job Performance Test is required ONCE for all Technician, Mechanic & Connector & Conductor Certifications.
•    Student Member: $134.00

Retake Fees

Written Test Retake Fee
• Student: $150.00
Job Performance Test Retake Fee
• Student: $125.00


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