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Common questions we've compiled


Which certification test should I take?

What Training or Certification Prep Resources are available to me?

What should I expect from a certification test?

What is the Job Performance Test?

Do I have to be a member of IFPS to become certified or to keep my certification current?

What are the fees for certification?

How do I register to take the test?

What if I would like to hold a certification test at my company location?

Can I cancel my test date?

What should I and what can I bring to the test?

What type of calculator may I use?

How will I receive my test results?

If I am not successful the first time, when can I retake the test?

Infraction Policy (if you commit and infraction during the test).

How long is my certification valid?

How will I be notified that I need to recertify?

How do I recertify?

Do I have to maintain my membership to retain my certification?

If I am not successful the first time, can I find out which test question I got wrong?

I only failed one station on the Job Performance Test. What can I do?