Certified Professional Engineers or degree equivalent (BS from ABET recognized university) may apply for this certification. Additional requirements must be met.

Requirements for IFPS Engineer Certification:

1.    IFPS Specialist Certification*
  1. Hydraulic Specialist Certification, AND
  2. Pneumatic Specialist Certification, AND
  3. Electronic Controls Certification

2.    Connector & Conductor written test.

3.    Five (5) Signed Professional References

4.    Certified Professional Engineer or degree equivalent (BS from ABET recognized university)

5.    Eight years work experience in the fluid power and motion control industry

6.    Completion of IFPS Engineer Application which is then put before our Board of Directors or Certification Review Committee for approval ($280 Member / $435 Non-Member).

*You must hold all three Specialist Certifications. If Specialist Certification was obtained before HS and PS became separate entities (1998), the current Specialist Certification will fulfill the HS requirement only; the PS and the ECS test must be taken and passed as well before applying for Engineer Certification.