Fluid Power Design Handbook, 3rd Edition, Revised & Expanded

Author: Frank Yeaple
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This book presents engineering and application information to incorporate, control, predict, and measure the performance of all fluid power components in hydraulic or pneumatic systems. Detailing the latest developments in the ongoing "electronic revolution" of fluid power control, this edition covers new material on microprocessor control, "smart" actuators, virtual displays, position sensors, computer-aided design, performance testing, noise reduction, and more! Analyzes elements for every type of hydraulic and pneumatic element, including reservoirs and fluids, pumps, compressors, valves, cylinders, fluid amplifiers, motors, drives, actuators, shock absorbers, and many more. Furnishing over 700 tables, photographs, and drawings, this reference book is essential reading for mechanical design, control, chemical, power, system, and manufacturing engineers, designers of machines, vehicles, equipment, or systems in the aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, processing, agricultural, and power-generation industries, among others, as well as upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

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