HS In-Person Review Training

In-person certification review training for the Hydraulic Specialist Certification (includes membership*, training, testing**, and pdf study manual) - Please contact IFPS about upcoming HS InPerson Training

This training program is designed as a REVIEW. It is essential that participants are fully prepared for the test prior to attending.

Contact Kyle Pollander (kpollander@ifps.org) for more information on upcoming HS in-person review training

The 34 hours of training will be conducted Monday to Thursday, from 8 am to 5 pm (lunch on own).  The testing will be held on Friday.

Note: A Minimum of 8 participants - Maximum of 12 participants (this class HAS met the minimum number of participants and WILL RUN).

*For current members, a one-year extension will be given.

**For individuals who have already paid the test fees, a discount of $329 will be provided via coupon code (To obtain the coupon code, please contact kpollander@ifps.org).

The bundle offered as part of the training program is valued at $465 and includes comprehensive materials to aid participants in their preparation for the examination.

What is included in the bundle?: 

Fluid Power Reference Handbook  
Math Book   
Training Modules