Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Technology

Author: John J. Pippenger, PE

Author: John J. Pippenger, P.E. - This is an exhaustive coverage of Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Technology, one of the most dynamic, cutting-edge advancements yet to appear on the fluid power technology scene. In very easy-to-read language utilizing minimum math, and supported by over 400 photos, illustrations and technical drawings, this book contains everything you need to know about this rapidly growing technology. It patiently and thoroughly describes the three basic types of cartridge valves used today: Insert, Screw-in and Slip-in. The advantages of each and the most effective way in which each can be used is covered. Those responsible for the design and purchase of economical, trouble-free and long-lasting machinery using hydraulic power transmission systems will find this book a must reference for their library. It is invaluable for either the designer, the builder, the user and above all, the educational community.

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