Hydraulic Systems Volume 4: Hydraulic Fluids Conditioning

Author: Dr. Medhat Khalil, Ph.D.


The book is targeting students and professionals who are looking to advance their fluid power careers. The book is colored and has the size of standard A4. The book is associated with a separate-colored workbook. The workbook contains printed power point slides, chapter reviews and assignments. This book is the fourth in a series that the author plans to publish to offer a complete and comprehensive educational curriculum for fluid power industry. This book is an attempt to fill the gap between the very academic style and the very commercial style of fluids power textbooks that are produced by fluid power manufacturers basically to promote their products. The book presents different types of hydraulic reservoirs, transmission lines, sealing elements, and heat exchangers. For each of these elements, the book introduces the methods of operations, construction, sizing, and selection. The book contains a total of eight chapters distributed over approximately 400 pages with very demonstrative figures and tables. The contents of the book are brand non-biased and intends to introduce the latest technologies related to the subject of the book.