Hydraulic Systems Volume 5: Safety and Maintenance

Author: Dr. Medhat Khalil, Ph.D.


This book is targeting industry professionals who are in charge of operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting hydraulic systems. This book is also a great resource for mechanical engineers and service manuals technical writers. The books start by introducing best practices for safe design, commissioning, operating and servicing hydraulic components. The book then presents the maintenance concepts and measuring instruments commonly applicable for hydraulic system maintenance. The book follows that by presenting five sets of best practices for each of the following components: pumps, motors, cylinders valves, accumulators, reservoirs, transmission lines, heat exchangers, and filters. It is to be noted that, the listed best practices and maintenance actions are based on the author’s experience and may not be applicable in each case. Therefore, the author is highly recommending reviewing the instructions from component and system manufacturers as considered the main and first source of information. This book is colored and has the size of standard A4. The book contains a total of twelve chapters distributed over 350 pages with very demonstrative figures and tables. The contents of the book are brand non-biased and intends to introduce the latest technologies related to the subject of the book. The book is the fifth in a series that the author plans to publish to offer a complete and comprehensive teaching curriculum for fluid power industry. The book is associated with a separate colored workbook. The workbook contains printed power point slides, chapter reviews and assignments.