IFPS launches a new innovative Hybrid Certification Review Program for the Hydraulic (industrial and mobile) Mechanic and Connector & Conductor

Monday, August 7, 2023

IFPS launches a new innovative Hybrid Certification Review Training Program for the Hydraulic Mechanic and Connector & Conductor Certifications. The Mechanic Hybrid Program comprehensively covers both mobile and industrial applications. The Connector & Conductor Program comprehensively covers all aspects of hydraulic fluid conveyance and conductor assemblies/fabrication. This reengineered technical training program incorporates a blended learning approach, combining 42 hours of online instructor-led sessions with hands-on labs facilitated by instructors. The labs utilize a specially designed custom training kit to enhance the learning experience.

Key Highlights of the blended learning Mechanic Certification Review Program:

  • Comprehensive 42-Hour Training: The program offers an in-depth curriculum that covers essential aspects of fluid power mechanics, ensuring a strong foundation of skills and understanding.
  • Tailored Training Kit: IFPS has meticulously developed a specialized training kit tailored exclusively for this program. This kit, which will be shipped to you, includes state-of-the-art tools and equipment carefully selected to facilitate hands-on learning and practical skill mastery.
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Sessions: Participants will engage in 12 virtual sessions, each spanning 3.5 hours, conducted twice weekly. These interactive online sessions will be led by an IFPS Accredited Instructor who will provide guidance, address questions, and offer valuable insights to enhance the learning experience.
  • Hands-On Learning Labs: Part of the virtual sessions include Accredited Instructor supported hands-on labs, allowing participants to reinforce what they’ve learned in a practical scenario. These labs enable hydraulic mechanics to refine their skills, build confidence, and develop proficiency.
  • Session Recordings: All sessions are recorded for convenient review and reinforcement for the duration of the program and two weeks beyond.

This all-inclusive bundle includes a 1-year IFPS membership, training, testing fees, an IFPS Fluid Power Math Book, an IFPS Fluid Power Symbology Guide, (for mechanic) training kit rental, kit rental shipping, and hands-on labs training for $1,445. Currently, we have a mechanic class scheduled to begin in November;  if you would like a custom start date, or would like to schedule this training for your company, contact Donna Pollander.

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