IFPS Upgrades C&C Certification

Friday, June 2, 2023


The IFPS released a new and upgraded Connector and Conductor Certification, and is now available to order! The new release includes an enhanced study manual and test.

In addition to the study manual, and tests, a companion PowerPoint presentation and Interactive Training Modules have been released!

 Learn more about the C&C CertificationNEW! | Online Training Modules 

Areas of the Study Manual that were added and reworked:

  • Both the written and Job Performance portions are included in one study manual.
  • Additional Safety Information, including over 25 Safety tips!
  • Pages and pages of full-color photos and graphics are available to download!
  • Additional information on measuring implements.
  • Added additional Fluid Compatibility information.
  • Updated/added pressure rating and pipe tubing information.
  • Added metric units throughout.
  • Standards updated/added to conform with the latest:
    • ISO 1219
    • SAE J517­­
    • ISO 8572
    • ISO 6149-1
    • ISO 9974-1
    • Code 61 & 62 Flanges
  • Improved graphics throughout and many real-life photos to assist in visualization.