Membership Testimonials

Membership Testimonials

“I became an IFPS member eight years ago because I was interested in becoming a Hydraulics Specialist. I remained an IFPS member for the outstanding community, access to premier IFPS literature, and continued involvement in fluid power certification and education.”
 Dan Fernandes, CFPECS, CFPS Sun Hydraulics

“If you are serious about a career in the Fluid Power Industry, as I have found, you need the resources and certifications that only the IFPS can offer.”
Rocky Phoenix, CFPMMH, Customer Service, Open Loop Energy, Inc.

     “My many years of IFPS membership has always provided the one place to find the finest fluid power education, mentoring, networking and common ground friendships.”
Randy Bobbitt, CFPAI, CFPS, Sales Development Manager, Danfoss Power Solutions

“The IFPS has been a cornerstone of my career. From the early days studying for my CFPHS, to the present relationships I hold with other industry professionals, the IFPS has helped lay a foundation that has been instrumental to my personal growth and professional success.”
Chauntelle Baughman, CFPHS, President, OneHydraulics, Inc.

“The camaraderie forged with IFPS membership and participation provides an almost limitless source for technical expertise and practical solutions.”
Liz Rehfus, CFPE, CFPS, Self-Employed

“I firmly believe being a member of IFPS and engaging in the certification process will open doors to greater opportunities in your professional life.”
Mark Perry, Sr., CFPHS, Fitzsimmons Hydraulics, Inc.

"I became an IFPS member more than 10 years ago while in pursuit of Certification. I attended the annual meeting that year and was quickly drawn to this diverse group of professionals who are so dedicated to the advancement of the fluid power industry. I am still an active member and proud to be a part of this dynamic organization."

“I’ve been a member of IFPS since 1978 at our student chapter at Purdue University. It dramatically helped my career and led to the development of the Fluid Power Journal in 1994.  In addition to having a voice to promote our industry, I was able to make great lifelong friends.”
Paul Prass, Fluid Power Journal