Newly Released | Online Hydraulic Mechanic Training Modules!

Sunday, January 15, 2023

This online at-your-own-pace training module takes the IHM and MHM study manuals and brings them to life! The Mechanic Training Modules heavily emphasize maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting hydraulic systems. These Modules also include the basic principles of Fluid Power and the operation and construction of the most common Hydraulic components found in the system. These Modules includes over 200 review questions and approximately 12-15 hours of training!

These Modules are a great tool for someone preparing for an IHM or MHM Certification test, someone looking to boost their skills, and even makes an excellent onboarding tool for entry-level mechanics!                                                 

                                           Take a Sneak Peek! 


Our IHM and MHM Certification Study Manuals were transformed from traditional black/white print into a full-color, animated, interactive online learning platform!

  • Schematics are color-coded and animated
  • Contains ISO 1219 symbology
  • Full-color graphics
  • Chapter review questions - interactive (you’ll know immediately if you’ve grasped the chapter information)
  • Voice-over for text for auditory learners
  • Six online pre-tests
  • Safety and Energy Tips throughout

The cost is $349.
Multiple-user pricing for 5 or more! E-mail for details.
Visit  or call 856-424-8998.

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