Pneumatic Specialist Upgrade

Tuesday, June 14, 2022


The newly released upgraded PS Certification Study Manual and Certification Test reflects the knowledge and skills needed for today’s Pneumatic Specialists and aligns more closely with standardized pneumatics. Members may download the upgraded study manual free; non-members may purchase.

Areas of updates for the certification study manual and test:

  • The supply side of the manual and test have been scaled back. The CAGI (Compressed Air & Gas Institute) has a supply-side certification that the Board of Directors suggests you apply for if you want to focus on this aspect of pneumatics. For more information:
  • We streamlined the equation formulas and subsequent text describing how to compute complex formulas for easier calculation.
  • We’ve reworded complex topics for easier comprehension, added additional examples, and enhanced graphics to support the material.

Preparation is the key to a successful outcome! 

The IFPS wants you to succeed. There are several ways to prepare. Visit to access these training resources:

Attend a Certification Review Training Course. Great for companies that are interested in certifying multiple personnel! Contact Kyle Pollander, for details.