System Designer

Is an expanded credential focusing on advanced, system level hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic controls expertise along with verifiable industry experience and is open to all qualifying individuals.

1. IFPS Specialist Certification*

    a. Hydraulic Specialist (CFPHS) Certification, AND
    b. Pneumatic Specialist (CFPPS) Certification, AND
    c. Electronic Controls Certification (CFPECS)
2. Connector & Conductor Written Test

3. Five (5) Signed Professional References

4. Verifiable Fluid Power Design Experience

5. Agree to abide by the IFPS Code of Ethics

6. Six (6) years minimum system design OR any of the following:

    a. Hold an Associate Fluid Power Degree + Four (4) years system design experience
    b. Hold a BS Degree (Engineering or Engineering Technology) + Four (4) years system design experience
    c. Hold a CFPAI (Certified Fluid Power Accredited Instructor) Certification + Four (4) years system design training experience
7. Completion of IFPS System Designer Application** for Board of Directors or Certification Review Committee approval.

*You must hold all three (3) Specialist certifications. If Specialist Certification was obtained before HS and PS became separate entities (1998), the current Specialist Certification will fulfill the HS requirement only; the PS or the ECS test must be taken and passed as well before applying for System Designer Certification.

**Application must be submitted with the $280 (IFPS Members) or $435 (non-member) application fee. Applicants that are not approved will receive a refund of their application fee (less an $85.00 administrative fee.)  Upon receipt, the application will be processed and reviewed. The Fluid Power Certification Review Committee may request additional experience information. You will be notified of any actions and decisions.