What others are saying about IFPS Certification

"IFPS certification has helped me grow as an individual, provided recognition within the hydraulics/fluid power industry, and has helped me gain the confidence to pursue a career and job in which I enjoy and find significant meaning.”
BJ Wagner, CFPAI/CFPAJPP/AJPPCC, CFPHS, CFPMMH, Staff Test Engineer, Manitowoc Cranes

“Never stop learning. With nearly 30 years in the business, I still picked up some great information studying for the IFPS Hydraulic Specialist Test and Pneumatic Specialist Test.”
Mike Dagefoerde, CFPHS, Account Manager, Kaman Fluid Power, LLC

“Joining IFPS and gaining my CFPHS has truly helped round out my fluid power knowledge and create an excellent foundation for personal growth. The greatest benefit has been the ability to apply those skills across multiple industries and in widely varying applications, giving me the confidence to deliver the best solution to my clients for the job at hand.”
Ben Cusack, CFPHS, OneHydraulics Engineering Manager

“By achieving the IFPS Hydraulic Specialist Certification, my company can show our clients we have hydraulic expertise with an industry-recognized certification.”
Geoffrey Forest, PE, CFPHS, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Modjeski And Masters, Inc.

“I pursued the System Designer certification to challenge and strengthen my knowledge in fluid power systems; it also gave me the confidence in designing systems.”
Darren Lieser, CFPSD, CFPS, CFPECS, Engineering Technician III, Graco Inc.

“I pursued the Hydraulic Specialist Certification in order to better represent my company with a knowledgeable understanding of hydraulics and to provide the best, most reliable solutions to my customers.”
Brady Sitka, CFPHS, Inside Sales, Hydraquip, Inc.

"Getting the Hydraulic Specialist Certification was the next step to becoming the system designer that I’m striving to become."
Mike Smith, CFPHS, CurryFluidPower, Pump Shop Foreman

“I chose to pursue the Hydraulic Specialist Certification in order to push myself to expand my knowledge and to strengthen my resume.”
Ted Bramble, CFPHS, Senior Lecturer and Program Coordinator, Central Washington University

"A Specialist Certification provides instant credibility to my customers that I have the knowledge and experience to assist them with their problems. It also empowers me to tackle challenging situations knowing that I have an abundance of resources and a professional network available to assist."
Paul Mallory, CFPS, Marine Industry Specialist, Livingston & Haven, Inc.

“As a result of obtaining the ECS certification, I am able to integrate sensors and validate technically advanced hydraulic cylinder designs to meet IoT demands. I recommend IFPS certifications at any level in the hydraulics industry. The exams are comprehensive, the study manuals and resources continue to be useful as job refence material.”
Dave Tetzlaff, CFPE, CFPHS, CFPECS, Engineering, Innovative Hydraulics, LLC.

"The Hydraulic Specialist Certification will help our plant by having someone on-site with hydraulics expertise, rather than relying on vendors or contractors for support."
James Whitlow, P.E., CFPHS, Mechanical Reliability Engineer, DuPont Tyvek

"I believe that obtaining the hydraulic specialist certification and eventually getting the pneumatic and electronic controls certifications will help me reach my goals to become more well-rounded and to open doors in the mechatronics and fluid power industries.”
Eugene Elliott, Engineer I, Hydraulics, CFPHS, Heil Environmental