Steps to Get Certified

Step 1: Select Your Certification.

The International Fluid Power Society is the only organization that provides comprehensive technical certification offerings
for all professionals in the fluid power and motion control industry.
Certifications Offered  Which test should I take? 

Step 2: Submit Your Application. 

Specialist Certifications Technician Certifications Mechanic Certifications 
Connector & Conductor Certification Engineer System Designer

Support Associate Certfication

Step 3: Be Prepared - STUDY, study, study! 

IFPS offers many resources to help you study and succeed in your certification journey. These resources include:

Study Manuals
IFPS study manuals are available in print, PDF, flash drives, and interactive online. 
Online Pretests, as well as pretests in the back of the study manual, are highly recommended before you take your certification test.
IFPS Members have free PDF versions of each study manual available to view in their accounts! Not a member? Join now 

Online Training Modules - Once purchased, you'll have access to our learning management system for one year.
Hydraulic Specialist, Pneumatic Specialist, Hydraulic Mechanic, Fluid Power Math, and Proportional Directional Control Valves for Mobile Hydraulic Applications.

Certification Review Training (Online or Classroom)   IFPS offers a 4-day, in-person training with one of our certified training instructors.
This training is generally for groups of 5 or more.

Animated Circuits – The schematics in our study manuals are available in animation and are great for a better understanding
of how hydraulic and pneumatic circuits operate. The circuits are color-coded and are available as .mpf and .wmv files.

Web Seminars and Virtual Training - Our live Web Seminars are a free resource for everyone!
Are you looking to expand your knowledge of actuators, Hydraulic Valves, Electro-Hydraulics, General Hydraulics, Contamination Control, Energy Savings,
Pumps and pneumatics? IFPS members have access to our library of seminars covering the listed topics above. 
If you are interested in gaining access to the library of over 50 IFPS web seminars, you must be a member! Consider an IFPS Membership

Step 4: Take your test at your scheduled location. 

Step 5: Recertify in five years.

Your IFPS Certification is valid for a period of five (5) years, upon which time you will need to renew your certification. IFPS will send you recertification reminders in the forms of e-mails, letters, and postcards; however, it is your responsibility to submit your application by the deadline.